Radnički Niš vs CR Tirana 38-0

Radnički Niš vs CR Tirana
Photo: Aleksandar Stojkovic # South Agency

The  first round Balkan Super League pool C game  Radnički Niš vs CR Tirana was played today in front of about 500 spectators. Radnički Niš  won against Klubi  Ragbise Tirana by 38-0 (14-0). It was convincing victory by Radnički Niš witch last year play in Balkan Super League semi-final. This was the first official match for the guests in Balkan Super League. The club from Tirana provided excellent resistance.

The home team made a great start at the begining and quickly led to 14-0. The first try at the match was given by Tihomir Stamenkovic in 5 minutes. Djordje Stosic was precise in the extra kick on goal and  home team lead with 6-0. Just two minutes later Tihomir Stanic scored his second try on the match. The third try on the match was made by the Stefan Jovanovic in 13 minutes. Unfortunately, of the domestic fans the home team did not continue in the same rhythm. Guests from Albania managed to resist pressure and to leave with that result on half time.

Radnicki Nis vs CR Tirana
Photo: Aleksandar Stojkovic # South Agency: Tihomir Stamenkovic in attack

Radnički Niš vs CR Tirana 38-0 (14-0)

Balkan Super League pool C: Niš 15.04.2018, Stadium: SC Čair, Spectators: 500. Referees: Radoslav Novaković, touch judge Miloš Stamenković (Serbia).

Points for : Tries 7 – Tihomir Stamenković 5 and 7 min, Stafan Jovanović 13 min, Veljko Stanković 43 min, Aleksandar Pavlović 46 and 51 min, Miloš Statić 70 min.   Goals: Djordje Stošić (5/7),

Radnički Niš: Aleksandar PAVLOVIĆ, Tihomir STAMENKOVIĆ, Stefan ARSIĆ, Veljko STANKOVIĆ, Stefan JOVANOVIĆ, Filip STOŠIĆ, Djordje STOŠIĆ, Aleksandar ILIĆ, Miloš STAŠIN, Mihajlo JOVIĆ, Miloš MILJKOVIĆ, Marko MILENKOVIĆ, Dušan KOCIĆ,  Substitution: Ivan PANTIĆ, Marko TODOROVIĆ, Goran MILOVANOVIĆ. Marko MAKERA.Coach: Lazar ŽIVKOVIĆ. Assistant Coach: Vuk POPOVIĆ.

CR Tirana: Ditmar HELLA, Desvi DASHI, Oiljan LIAPAJ, Ogulcan YIGIT, Arnaldo TELO, Skvio GELA, Edison TOSHAJ, Eugen GUCAJ. Alsan ALIMI, Dajan SHATRAJ, Klaus UESHI, Ardit SUKA, Edvi MUGA. Substitution: Adam VERNON,  Christian KONDI, Shaban PENXTO, Orion JVESA. Coach: Xhino DRANGO, Assistant Coach: Adam VERNON.

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