Red Star – Rhodes Knights 78-16

Red Star

The Balkan Super League today continued with a game of 2 rounds E group between Red Star and Rodeos Knights on Ada Ciganlija. Red Star scored a convincing victory of 78-16 thanks to a great game in the first half. The home side played the first half perfectly. They recorded 54 points. The champion of Greece managed to score the first points in the last minute, which significantly contributed to their confidence in the second half.

Red Star

Red Star – Rhodes Knights 78-16 (54-6)

Balkan Super League pool E: Belgrade 16.05.2018, Stadium: Ada Ciganlija, Spectators: 100. Referee: Vladan Kikanovic,  touch judges: Slobodan Manak, Andrej Mora (All Serbia).

Points for Red Star: Tries 14 – Ilija Krstic 2 and 13 min, Rajko Trifunovic 6 and 44 min, Aleksandar Djordjevic 10, 25 and 67 min, La Monte Gaddis 22 and 33 min, Sam Herron 27, 36 and 70 min, Jack O Brian 31 min, Stefan Nikolic 58 min. Goals: Stefan Nedeljkovic 8/9, Vladislav Dedic 0/2, Slobodan Milenkovic 1/1, Ilija Krstic 2/2.

Points for Khodes Knights: Tries 3 – Kartsonakis Dimosthenis 40 and 77 min, Tsattalios Pandelis 80 min. Goals: Bosmos Nikolaos 1/2, Tsattalios Pandelis 1/1.

Red Star Belgrade: Milos ZOGOVIC, Ilija KRSTIC, Denis CENGAJ, Aleksandar DJORDJEVIC, Rajko TRIFUNOVIC, Jack O BRIEN, Vladislav DEDIC, Slobodan MILENKOVIC, Stefan NIKOLIC, Sam HERRON, La Monte GADDIS, Nikola DJURIC, Stefan NEDELJKOVIC. Substitutions: Vuk STRBAC, Matej BAJIC, Predrag KEGLIC, Milos CALIC. Coach: Trev SMITH.

Rhodes Knights: Kartsonakis DIMOSTHENIS, Aliu ALEXANDROS, Natsikas THEMISTOKLIS, Koutras KONSTANTINOS, Kladas ANASTASIOS, Leventis POLICHRONIS, Bosmos NILOLAOS, Tsattalios PANDELIS, Bosmos MICHALIS, Papakonstantis PANAGIOTIS, Tsavaris KOSMAS, Exadachtilos FOTIS, Katsidonis KONSTANTINOS. Substitutions: Chatziadannou MICHALIS.

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