Partisan Belgrade – Aris Athens 60-10

Partizan vs Aris

Partisan defeated today Aris from Athens in 2nd round of Balkan Super League match pool B with 60-10 (34-10). The match Partisan vs Aris was played at FC Heroj Polet Stadium in Jajinci in front of about 100 spectators. With this victory Partisan secured first place in pool B and further participation in play-offs. Partisan started very strong and in 4th minute Dušan Milutinović brought black and white in the lead. In the next few minutes Aris managed to establish a balance even to seriously come very close to the host’s try line. But Aris could not score a try. In 12th minute Ronaldo Bitici scored another try for Partisan and brought his club into the lead of 10-0.

Partizan vs Aris

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Partisan vs Aris Athens 60-10 (34-4)

Balkan Super League pool B: Belgrade 19.05.2018, Stadium: FC Heroj Polet Jajinci, Spectators: 100. Referee: Vladan Kikanovic, touch judges: Djordje Divic, Petar Milanovic (All Serbia). Sin Bin: Nikola Srbljanin 40′ min, Pero Madzarevic 69′ min; both from Partisan.

Points for Partisan Belgrade: Tries 12 – Dusan Milutinovic 4′ min, Ronaldo Bitici 12′ min, Vladimir Milutinovic  18′, 30′ and 36′ min, Nikola Srbljanin 23′ and 33′ min, Vlado Kusic 26′ and 66′ min,  Branko Carapic 48′ min, Dragan Jankovic 53′ min, Dzavid Jasari 76′ min. Goals: Dzavid Jasari 0/2, Vladimir Milutinovic 6/10.

Points for Aris Athens: Tries 2 – Dardamanis Ilijas 40′ min, Dimakas Ioannis 42′ min. Goals: Karadis Stefanos 1/2.

Partizan vs ArisPARTISAN BELGRADE: JANKOVIC Dragan, VOJINOVIC Pavle, MILUTINOVIC Vladimir, SRBLJANIN Nikola, STOJKOVIC Kosta, CARAPIC Branko, JASARI Dzavid, MILUTINOVIC Dusan, ILIC Mihajlo, BAJRAMI Denis, ABIDINOVIC Dario, BIBIC Denis, KUSIC Vlado. Substitutions: STOJKOVIC Mihajlo, BITICI Ronaldo, RISTIC Toplica, MADZAREVIC Pero. Head Coach: HADZIC Admir.

Partizan vs Aris

ARIS ATHENS: ADAMOPULOS Christos, KAPEPANIOS Athanasios, KOUMPRIS Alexandros, TZIKOS Michal, KARADIS Stefanos, MILANAS Markos, KALOGLIS Iordanis, DARDAMANIS Ilias, DIMAKOS Ioannis, GEORGOGALIS Konstantinos, XILOPARKIOTOS Dimitros, MOUTSATSOS Alexandros, KOUFAKIS Emmalouil. Head Coach: McLENNON Stuart,  Assistant Coach: DARDAMANIS Aris.

Partizan vs Aris

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