Radnicki NBGD – Warriors BL 44-0

Radnicki NBGD

In the first round of pool A Balkan Super League Radnicki NBGD (Novi Beograd) met Warriors from Banja Luka (RS, BIH). It was the debut of the guys from Republika Srpska in the Balkan Super League. Before the start of the match, Radnicki NBGD was an absolute favorite, which was confirmed by the “Rats” with a convincing victory of 44-0. Still, the triumphs did not come as easily as it seems because the guests gave excellent resistance especially in the first half.  This part of the game was won by Radnicki 16-0. Warriors ran out of power in the second part of the game. The guests had a lot of problems with the team, so they came to Belgrade with only 13 players. In the end, both clubs can be happy with what they showed in cold weather and very hard field.

Radnicki NBGD

Radnicki NBGD – Warriors BL 44-0 (16-0)

Balkan Super League pool A: Belgrade 18.03.2018. Stadium: BUSK. Spectators: 50. Referees: Djordje Divic, Virc Dusan, Trimceski Atanas (Serbia).

Points for Radnicki NBGD: Tries 8: Djorje Gak 10′ min, Marko Jakovljevic 18′, 49′ and 62′ min, Mihailo Tomic 29′ min, Nikola Ulemek 42′ min, Marko Miletic 56′ min, Igor Jovicic 58′ min, Goals: Goran Jankuloski 5/7, Mihailo Tomic 1/1.

Radnicki Novi Beograd: M. Jakovljevic, Gasevic V. Andric I. Miletic M. Katanic M. Tomic V. Jankuloski G. Hrnjaz S. Tomic M. Novakovic S. Raicevic B. Gak Dj. Tintor I. Substitute: Pantelic A. Jovicic I. Ulemek N.

Radnicki NBGD - Ragbi 13 klub Radnicki Novi Beograd

Warriors BL: Karalic L. Stojanovic I. Novakov D. Kopunovic A. Salijevic N. Segrt A. Predojevic S. Pavlovic P. Arnold D. Prastalo P. Jankovic M. Satev M. Kostadinovic M.

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