Dorcol – Locomotive Sofia 84-0

Match between Dorcol – Locomotive Sofia ended with the biggest victory of one club in the Balkan Super League.  Dorcol scored 15 tries and easily came to victory of 84-0. Locomotive came to Belgrade without a few standard players, who remained in Sofia due to their business obligations. In such conditions the Locomotive played in the halls of its possibilities. With this win RC Dorcol secured a place in the playoffs.

Dorcol – Locomotive Sofia 84-0 (50-0)

Belgrade 23.06.2017, Venue: BASK ArenaSpectators: 250 Referees: Radoslav Novakovic (Serbia). Touch judges: Lukacs Zsolt (Hungary), Milos Zogovic (Serbia)

RLC Dorcol Belgrade: Tries: 15 – Relja Petrovic  3′, 51′, 61′ min, Boris Lazin 6′, 20′, 28′ min, Anrej Mora 10′, 37′, 39′ min, Stefan Vukanovic 16′, 45′, 72′ min, Stefan Nedeljkovic 24′ min, Milan Cobanovic 54′, 69′ min,   Goals: Stefan Nedeljkovic 12/15.

Rugby club DorcolDorcol Belgrade: Stefan NEDELJKOVIC, Stefan MILCIC, Andrej MORA, Boris LAZIN, Luka BULAJIC, Milos MILANKO, Stefan VUKANOVIC, Paja SEVIC, Relja PETROVIC, Sergej DEVETAK, Lazar KOJIC, Milos ALEKSIC, Milos TASIC. Substitute: Milan COBANOVIC, Veselin CARICIC, Aleksa RADIC, Milan AVRAMOVIC.

Dorcol - Locomotive SofiaLocomotive Sofia: Aleksandar ALEKSAIDROV, Denis BECA, Dimitar CANEV, Adrijan BECA, Georgi ANGELOV, Milev NIKOLOV, Pavel BLAGOEV, Antonio IVANOV, Vladislav PARIZOV, Ivailo KRSTANOV, Tihomir SIMEONOV, Veselin PEJCEV. Adam PAVLOVIC Substitute: Uros PETROVIC, Nenad ZUJIC, Matej BAJIC.

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