Balkan SRL Championship

Balkan Super Rugby League Championship (BSRL) is a regional competition that is for the first time going to be introduced in 2017. In this competition are going to participate 8 teams from 5 countries Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey. In 2017 season participants are divided into two groups.


  1. RLC Partisan, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. RLC Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. Rugby 13 club Vitez, Vitez, Bosnia & Hertzegovina
  4. RLC Radnicki,  Nis, Serbia


  1. RLC Red Star, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. RC Dorcol, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. Kadikoy Bulls Rugby League Club, Istanbul, Turkey
  4. RLC Lokomotiv, Sofia, Bulgaria